Monday, July 25, 2005


Welcome all to this soon-to-be amazing blog, about me!
A few little facts about me for starters then.
I am a 26 year old female Senior House Officer (Junior Doctor) working on a Medical Admissions & Assessment Unit in a busy inner-city hospital in the North of England. I graduated in 2002 from King's College London, with a 2:1, and did my initial training in the same city. In 2003 I moved North and have acquired 5 posts in my time up here, including paediatrics, A&E, hepatics (liver), general surgery and currently MAAU.
That's my professional life. In my personal life I am engaged, and have been for nearly a year now, to my wonderful fiancé and have a kitten called Oscar. I also suffer from horrific mood swings and until the age of 23, when I graduated, I suffered from severe depression (often becoming delusional) and I self-harmed. I resisted being hospitalised as it wouldn't have done much for my job prospects and survived on daily doses of anti-depressants and therapy. I never had to go to A&E/hospital for my injuries as they were never that serious and I first met my fiancé in my 2nd year and we have been going out since then so he looked after me.
At the moment I plan to try and specialise in Emergency Medicine and try and go back into working in A&E, although I would also like to try a rotation in psychiatry to see if I could be a benefit to the ailing mental health services. However, nothing will happen until February 2006 now as I am locked into MAAU for 6 months so we'll just have to wait and see!
In the meantime, enjoy reading about the life of a mental medic and the NHS in general.