Monday, February 20, 2006

The little things you miss

CDU/obs ward/critical care is absolutely amazing and I am loving it so much despite the severe sleep deprivation I seem to be having at the moment. What is it with locums who don't turn up to complete their shifts? Not on. At all.

However, whilst being totally rushed off my feet I have to say I noted why I missed working nights on MAAU which were a lot more relaxing than here, as nights here seem to be more and more chaotic by the second. It's the actually sitting down for a cup of coffee in the staff room when you want to (if there isn't a patient who needs you) and being able to read a trashy celebrity magazine stolen from the day room in peace. Here I'm lucky if I get to walk off for a cup of coffee without being nobbled to do something else. Not that I'm moaning, I feel a lot more useful here and more wanted. Not just as if I'm the useless SHO who you'll call if the staff nurse/senior staff nurse has a major issue and it can't wait until ward rounds. I feel like part of the team especially as I'm going to take my MFAEM (Member of the Faculty of Accident & Emergency Medicine) soon so people actually want me to work and get experience.

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Anonymous said...

Hi MJ,

Really enjoying your writing. Hope you find time to keep it up.

(Assistant psychologist)