Thursday, June 01, 2006

Public Health Announcement

I have a few words of advice for those of you wishing to conduct 'Do It Yourself' projects over the weekend. This comes from my observations over the Bank Holiday weekend of injuries people have caused to themselves.

1) When a set of instructions says that the project requires 2 people, it says this for a reason. This is probably because a wardrobe is a heavy item and one person cannot support it. I don't want to see more people with crush injuries and suffocation from a wardrobe falling on them.

2) Do not walk around the house holding a battery powered drill at a 45 degree angle to the ground (i.e. straight out in front of you) and still have it switched on. The likelihood is that you may bump into someone when you turn the corner and the drill bit will penetrate their lower neck (not pretty).

3) Never think it is a good idea to hold screws/nails/pins inbetween your teeth until they are needed as they can go through your tongue and cause a lot of bleeding. Plus the Max Facs doctors will not like you for it.

4) Place the ladder on a hard, stable surface and not near steps. Ladders have a habit of moving backwards slightly when weight is put on them and if you placed your ladder at the top of a set of stairs, hey presto, you just fell down the entire flight and broke numerous bones in your body.

I think that's it for now. In all fairness, just show some common sense.


The Locum said...

Of course, it is also important not to do any DIY when you are drunk.

I honestly think most of them should have got a wee man in instead though.

MJ said...

I was assuming (quite stupidly) that people already knew that.

Actually one of the patients I saw (the 2 person instruction one) was a guy who made a living from putting together other people's DIY things... not for a while he won't be.