Sunday, January 07, 2007

New additions

You may have noticed that I have made some new additions to my blog roll. All of their blogs are absolutely fantastic.

For a look at the stresses and strains of being a medical student in today's world may I suggest that you check out Angry Medic who is currently at Cambridge University (and by the sounds of things wishing they weren't) and Of Short White Coats who is studying at a London Medical School, and urges you not to guess which one as she won't tell you.

I have been reading Diagnosis? NFI's blog for quite a while but never got up to sticking a link up to it. They are an ECP working in East Anglia who blog very eloquently on how the ambulance service (like all other areas of the NHS) is in turmoil.

FtM Doctor and Dr. Grumble show the viewpoints of hospital doctors currently working in the NHS. FtM Doctor is currently in Obs & Gynae, and a transsexual although his blog is about much more than just this, and Dr. Grumble in Cardiology. Both are excellent reads.

Just thought I'd share my finds!


Z said...


Thanks for plugging my blog. I'm very flattered..

Also glad you got the trans-thing it's been skimmed over a bit in my blog at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for adding me to your blogroll, and thank you for the kind comment left at my blog!

I've blogrolled you too, cos I just had the opportunity to read some of your past entries - awesome stuff!

The more I learn about Emergency Medicine, the more (I think) I want to specialise in it.

Anonymous said...

Aw thankd MJ! Your analysis of me is absolutely right. Glad you skimmed over the brain-damage-inducing part though.

I've also gone through some of your earlier posts...your blog is great! You're MY kind of doctor (though if that is a compliment or not, I have no idea). Consider yourself blogrolled.

I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thank you for your kind comments at my blog... I really hope he does show up soon. We've just put posters up in our area now... I really hope that someone has seen him recently.


You haven't updated in a while. I hope you do soon, cos I've enjoyed reading about your work. No pressure to write, or anything :)