Thursday, March 01, 2007

Auf Wiedersen, A Bientot!

Although, unlike in the great film Cabaret, the end of this post will most certainly not end with
Where are your problems now? Forgotten? I told you so. We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful... The girls are beautiful...Even the orchestra is beautiful!

Is it a fact that MMC/MTAS is not beautiful.

I have been shortlisted for one interview. In ACCS (Emergency Medicine) and have been rejected from CMT and ACCS (Acute Medicine), which I am not that unhappy about. The interview is for London. The fiance has only been shortlisted for one interview in West Midlands deanery (as he is a military applicant all his applications were handled by West Midlands deanery). Trouble is, I got rejected from West Midlands deanery.

The fiance is highly likely to be working at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, and this is what he wants to do, which is in Birmingham. I am going to be working in London (if I get a place). I know this is going to wreck our relationship.

I know I have been lucky. I have an interview, I have an interview for the deanery/UoA I wanted. But still I don't feel happy. And now I feel selfish because of this.


Scrub said...

Well done on the interview!
And Good luck with it!

Dr No No said...

you really should not feel selfish...the whole system sucks because its taken away our control over our own lives...we are not allowed to choose what we do or where we go, its some sick-reshuffling exercise...
nevertheless....i hope things work out for you I really do....:hugs::

Cal said...

No, you shouldn't feel selfish, because you've got other factors to take into consideration, things like a relationship etc etc.

I really hope that you manage to find some solution, although that sounds so bloody crap coming from a third year medic.

The best of luck for the interview, though! Keep us all updated, MJ!

The Angry Medic said...

I agree with Cal (and pretty much everyone else who's read this blog post). There's nothing for you to feel selfish about...this whole MMC malarkey really has ruined lots of lives, with yours being amongst the more touching of the casualties. I really hope it works out well...long-distance relationships test you, but they're not impossible. A little faith, m'dear :)

Cal said...

Where have you gotten to MJ? I hope things are ok...? Do update your loyal fans soon...

patientanonymous said...

I'm glad you got an interview even though it's causing some personal disruption. I hope you can get it all sorted out?

Cal said...


Where are you??

Any updates soon?

Hope everything is well??