Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rule number one of blogging

Never post when slightly drunk.

I have to admit that my last post (on the shambles that is MMC/MTAS) was posted when I was drowning my sorrows over finding out the deadline had been extended with a bottle of nice chilled white wine. This may account for the slightly melodramatic, 14-year-old, style of writing.

However, despite being slightly inebriated when writing it, my thoughts on the matter are still the same. Although in the cold, sober, light of day I am probably slightly less likely to swear and sulk about it so much. But the general point still stands. I doubt I will be shortlisted and I will be out of a job with no other skills/experience to do anything else and I will, obviously, not be a very happy bunny.

In my personal life I have discovered that the fiancé is back from Iraq in a bit (week on Monday) for a week's leave. I can't believe how he is coping with all the MMC/MTAS stress and having to operate as a medic in a war zone. Kind of puts things into perspective a little.


Cal said...

Wow, I have so much admiration for him. And for you too, for that matter. It must be stressful for all of you, regardless of where you are...

And I will repeat what I said in my last post - I really do wish you all the best of luck.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Just wanted to add my very best to you and your fiancee for the MMC/MTAC. Hopefully by this time next week it will all look a bit better. Michelle

Scrub said...

Good luck! And I hope you get the job you want/deserve.
Keep writing I really enjoy reading your blog!
I hopefully have all this to look forward to in what 6 years time! Or something like that depending on whether I get the grades!

Dr No No said...

good luck love. fingers and toes crossed for you. btw hope you have a wonderful week with hubby2b...

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to pop by and say erm...thanks for blogrolling me. I sometimes seem to find myself popping up in the oddest places and I don't know if it's flattering, embarrassing or both.

So, nice to meet you.

And best of luck with all of the MMC/MTAS stuff. I know it's all rather messy for everyone over there right now.


Janine said...

Glad to hear hubby is going home safely. All the best as you search for careers!

Cal said...

Where hast thou gone?

Do give us an update soon, just to let us know that you're still alive, MJ!

I miss you!!