Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I have been seconded to anaesthetics for 3 months. Whilst this is somewhat bad (as it means I have to leave the beloved A&E department and all the hilarity that involves) it is also good as I am now working a daily shift pattern that will see me working either early (8am - 5pm), late (3pm - midnight) or a night shift (11pm - 9am the following morning). This is of course good news as it means shorter days. However, being a anaesthetics SHO means I have to go back to doing on-call work, which is bad.

On the whole, so far anaesthetics looks good and I'm managing to incorporate some ICU work into the secondment too. Apparently the trust thought I needed to "spread my wings" and although I have completed a lot of the other necessary rotations related to A&E (paediatrics, general surgery, critical care etc) I have never been attached to an anaesthetics firm so it is all a learning curve. Let's just hope it's a good learning curve.

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