Friday, February 02, 2007


So I am trying to complete my MMC application before I go to work but the bastard computer is not letting me access MTAS and my hard drive seems to be in melt down. *screams quietly to herself*

I start work at 5pm and am only on shift until 11pm (short shift woohoo). Am praying for a quiet evening so I can calm down slightly and try and take my mind off MMC.

Doubt it will happen though, after all it is a Friday evening and I doubt I'll manage to get away at 11 on the dot. Still at least it's only a half shift.

I've discovered recently that thanks to MTAS and MMC you have to be thankful for the small mercies in life.


Calavera said...

Oh dear. My F2 doctor was stressed about it today too. I think the server just jammed or something.

Oh dear... what horrendous flops they are...

MJ said...

They are indeed horrendous flops - or words to that effect! Never mind, it appears to be working now so will send it off asap and then at least that part is out of the way.