Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Hate MMC


That just about vents my anger over MMC. I am offically useless and am going to be unemployed.

Why? Because I am not experienced/qualified enough for ST3 training in Emergency Medicine as I don't hold Part A of MCEM or equivalent. So am stuck with ST2 places in ACCS - Emergency Medicine and ACCS - Acute Medicine and 2 CTM specialities.

I'm just a useless doctor and because I haven't pushed enough to further my career I'm now screwed. Plus I'm opting for the 2 speciality/2 UoA option.

Just hope the fiance has more luck with his application as he can only choose 2 specialities and his application is being processed by one UoA - West Midlands deanery - on behalf of the Defence deanery.

This is such a cock up.


Calavera said...

That sucks! That's what loads of the SHOs in my hospital are complaining about too, that they're caught in some kind of gap - they're stuck in limbo.

Damn this system. I hope they get their acts together by the time I graduate!

the little medic said...

That really does sound shit. Who actually came up with all this rubbish? I'm guessing lots of big wig men in offices who don't know the first thing about what its like to be a doctor.

And calavera - I hope they sort it out by the time I graduate too, although I don't expect they will.

Dr No No said...

MMc is a pile of pants...maybe i will go and work as a dancer is some random club- probably better hours and more job

MJ said...

Calavera & the little medic - yes, it does suck and I hope they've resolved it by the time you graduate. I'm sure they will have, we're just guinea pigs at the moment.

Dr No No - when you find the address and salary details for the club can you let me know? Being a dancer seems much preferable to being a medic in certain circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I dont practice in London and maybe it's not the same (don't know what an MCEM or an ACCS is) but.. I am a U.S. residency grad and have been practicing for 2.5 years. I HATE my job, wish i would have done radilogy or anesthesia. I hope you get what you want but be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Man..I really dunno what to say..!! Im speechless..! I really do hate MMC..may be more than u do..!
we are trying to get APC..! but the conditions are like endless..!! the only way to get it is to...get a malaysian wife..!! UNBELIEVBLE..!! and PETHITIC.!!
we are doing Emergency Medicine as well...if we get the UCEM part A...does that qualify us to ge the APC..?!